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Healing with R.I.C.E.


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Healing with R.I.C.E.

R.I.C.E. stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation.  After an injury, following these four simple steps can help limit pain and swelling , and can even speed your recovery.  Use R.I.C.E for sprains, strains, severe bruises or bumps.  The doctor may also recommend R.I.C.E. following surgery or breaking a bone.  For the best results, begin as soon as possible after sustaining your injury.


No matter how minor the injury, rest will help prevent further damage.


Applying ice to an injury will reduce pain and prevent swelling during the first 24-48 hours.  Never place ice directly on the skin; instead, place a thin cloth between your skin and the ice pack. 


Putting pressure on an injury also helps to prevent swelling, as well as provides support. If possible, wrap the injured area with an elastic bandage.   If your fingers become discolored or tingle, the bandage may be too tight – loosen it immediately.  Never wear your bandage to bed.


If you can, raise your injury to a level above your heart. Elevation helps to alleviate pain, swelling and throbbing.  It even helps your injury to heal faster!



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